Shain (colesparxx) wrote in queerconference,

Youth Conference

So because I'm a spaz I have some delayed info for everyone.

Here, in Spokane there is going to be a youth conference next month for LGBTQ youth ages 14-21 that is completely free. Here is the blurb directly from OYC website.

Odyssey Youth Center will be hosting Spokane’s first LGBTQA Youth Conference. The conference is scheduled for July 24-26, 2009 and will be held at ITRON Inc. in the Spokane Valley.

When Odyssey youth were put in charge of selecting a name for the conference they selected "Conference for Hope", because for them that’s exactly what it represents.
Participation is expected from youth and adults in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, California, Alaska and Canada. In addition to a series of workshops for youth, there will be workshops for educators, leaders, community members, service providers, and parents.

We are excited about the possibility that over 500 LGBTQ individuals and straight allies will join us in Spokane to network, learn and support each other. It is truly going to be an amazing event.

The link for registration is
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