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Queer Conferences & 'Meet-Ups'

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Everyone knows there are literally hundreds of queer-themed conferences every year, and many of us want to either spread the word about them or see who else is going. As well, post here questions about specific events or room/ride requests (though this group cannot be held responsible for any outcome); thoughts after attending events or anything else related to any queer conference, meet-up, summit, camp-out, pride, or whatever is fine.

The rules are simple: No predjudice against any group of people of any kind will be tolerated. As well, just be nice- don't attack anyone or start a flame-war, please. Lastly, I know there are several conferences aimed at the queer community that are also relevant to the sex-industry- if you post something about these groups, please do so knowing that under-18 folks may read this group, and keep it legally appropriate and safe for them.